Thursday September 21 20:30

Live in Israel

Excited to bring back to Israel the giant of world music, the indo fusion prince Prem Joshua.

Prem Joshua and his band are the pioneers of the eclectic sound that draws its essence from the depth of the musical traditions of India and combines it with the innovation of contemporary western music.

A multi-instrumentalist and composer, Prem Joshua and his international band are a leading voice in the world of contemporary Indian music. His distinctive sound, undoubtedly rooted in Indian ragas and Indian rhythms, embraces a variety of cultures and conventions from around the world.

Interweaving rhythms from Morocco with beats from London’s dance spaces, experimenting with Eastern European rhythms and jazz, and connecting chillout pieces and final music, his search for synthesis continues to flourish at the meeting point of these genres.
The music is original, immersive and exciting; It pulses with energy, resonates with observation, pulses and is grounded in an unmistakable global appeal. The band combines different musical styles such as electronica, jazz and punk for an original and virtuosic sound – one that is elaborated in a complex way by a masterful combination of Indian and Western instruments.

Thanks to their skill in many instruments, such as sitar, tabla, soprano sax or bamboo flutes, Perm Joshua and his band continued to distill and blend the essence of different musical forms into one organic and unique whole.
They hold skill and depth, continuing to provide listeners, old and new, with an emotional, rewarding and deep journey across a diverse musical landscape rich in tradition. With 15 studio albums, performances around the world, their interpretation of the music tradition of the East has been recognized time and time again. Today, Prem Joshua is one of India’s best-selling world music artists and an institution in his own right.

Doors open 20:30, show starts 22:00
Presale tickets 170 NIS
Regular tickets 190 NIS
Last tickets 210 NIS

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