Tribute and love Taylor Swift

Friday September 22 13:00

A special show

From the beating heart of Reading, Pennsylvania, to the biggest stages in the world—she is the voice behind the love stories we all wish we had. We invite you to a tribute and love show for Taylor Swift! Taylor, whose influence extends far beyond country and pop, has recently become an international phenomenon and an integral part of the modern musical landscape. Join us for an evening where we will navigate through love, heartbreak, empowerment, and several other iconic traits that Taylor has bestowed upon us.

Featuring: Anat Moshkovski, Raz Shmueli, Roni Bar-Hadas, Adee Gershon, Romi Kopelman, Moonshine, Shir Frum, Boaz Krauzer, Nitzan Alon, Yotam Agam and Mor Swisa.

Doors open at 1 p.m, show starts 2 p.m
Presale tickets 70 shekels or 90 at the entrance.
**The show is not sitted, only standing**

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