Eyal Atsmon

Wednesday August 30 21:00

Album launch- High Exposure

Welcome to Eyal Atzmon’s broken circus.

Eyal is a musician, songwriter, sound technician and early childhood music therapist. During his military service, the Second Lebanon War broke out, in which he lost his fellow platoon, the late Nimrod Cohen. During the events of the fighting, he was also injured and then spent about two months in rehabilitation. After his release, he returned to Kibbutz Tzalim, volunteered at the rehabilitation village “Ala Negev” and there he understood the meaning and power of music for the soul.
In recent years, he underwent a mental breakdown that led him to face the consequences of the war and face the pain that accompanied him in his life. With the understanding that all humans want to love, to be loved and significant, he decided to create the album “High exposure”.
The album is a journey of a damaged soul dealing with complex post-trauma and depression. The album’s songs go through pain, distress, loneliness, hope and inspiration. Optimism stands out in all of these and it is clear that along the way and despite the difficult issues, there is a true joy of life that believes that music is a comfort for all those who look at the pain in their eyes.

Support group:
Vocals, guitar, banjo and harmonica: Eyal Atsmon| Guitars and music production: Eden Nir Basson
Guitars: Yuval Maayan| Drums: Itai Manbar| Bass: Jordan Ashkenazi| Saxsophone & Clarinet: Lior Graveskey
Sound: Ron Belcher

Doors open 9 p.m, show starts 10 p.m
Presale tickets NIS 80 or at the entrance NIS 90.

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