Sunday August 27 21:00

A special show accompanied by 6 musicians

Itay Ben David (Benda) – Israeli singer, musician and music producer living for the second decade in Los Angeles, California. He sings in over 50 languages and plays five musical instruments.
In recent years, the videos he created have been exposed to millions of people around the world, eight hundred thousand followers of his songs on social networks in Israel and around the world.
After Itay’s support for the ‘hijab struggle’ against the Islamic regime, through performances of songs and compositions he had written in the Persian language, went viral and Itay received great sympathy and recognition for helping to raise awareness in the world, this made him an unofficial Israeli ambassador and a great supporter, among other things, he was interviewed by the channels Iranian TV, podcasts, radio stations and more.

Itay doesn’t forget the Israeli fans and gets to perform in Israel once every year and a half in a particularly invested concert, with guests in a group of about 6 top musicians in Israeli music. The performance is sweeping in a global journey between genres, languages and fragrances such as: Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Spanish, Czech and more

Doors open 9p.m, show starts at 10p.m
Presale tickets NIS 115 or at the entrance NIS 130


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