Saturday July 15 20:00

Yahli Lev X Ken Igereth'

Yahli Lev, a 23-year-old singer and composer, has been writing original music since a young age and in 2021 released his first album- “The night has no stars”. In the last two years Yahli and his band of eight other musicians (bass, electric guitar, drums and keyboards) play dreamy ballads and kicking rock and features from the jazz world. These days, Yahli is working on a new album. For more music click here
Maori Nevo (for more press here) and Roi Sarig (for more press here)will be guests at the show.

Opening show: Ken Igereth’
Ken Igereth’ is a monster with seven heads and at the top is Elam Pix. Hebrew music influenced by rock, folk, jazz and whatever comes next. Songs of love, songs of disappointment, songs of integrity and preaching emerge with a powerful sound from the mouths of all seven heads. For more click here

Doors open 20:00 ,opening show starts  20:30
Presale tickets NIS 40 or at the entrance NIS 50

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