Siamese Twins On Acid

Tuesday March 1 21:00

Audiovisual Psychedelia

 Audiovisual Psychedelia plays together to synthesize sounds and colors –
Our journey is to create a whole psychedelic experience performed on stage both instrumentally and visually.
Welcome to the trip!

Siamese Twins On Acid was created with the notion that two consciousness could indeed sync into one, inspiring the idea of visualizing music by playing synchronically musical instruments and projecting psychedelic art – live.
Lots of our music is improvised. Every show is a different voyage to the present experience, making the audience a part of us.

Band Members:
Roni Goldstein – Drums, Vocals , Keyboards, Animations
Liav Bilya – Guitar, Vocals, Effects
Guy Izikson – Guitar
Vika Standoc- Violin
Ben Mogerman – Bass
Anat Moss – VJ, Animations

Doors open 21:00 Show start at 22:00

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