Wednesday March 2 21:00

Back at The Zone

To those of you who aren’t familiar,
Masok are a four-piece future soul band based in Tel Aviv, comprising of Jenny Penkin, Nomok, Tal Kohavi and Omri Shani.
The four started working on their debut album in the past year, titled “The Bigger The Risk”, soon to be released digitally and on vinyl on Raw Tapes Records.

What started as Nomok’s bedroom beats grew into multi-coloured collaborations led by Jenny Penkin’s songs, and not only the band members contribution but also other label mates such as Amir Bresler, Yogev Glusman, Rejoicer and more. Fused with complex arranged compositions with intricate rhythms and electronic-acoustic drum combinations, the 10 tunes are each a song in its own right.

Discounted tickets for 54 NIS and 70 NIS at the doors
Doors open at 21:00 Show start at 22:00

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