Tuesday August 8 21:00

Album launch - Halel

Several years after his last album with his band from India, Shye Ben-Zur launches “Halel”, an audio-visual journey recorded and filmed at the Augusta Victoria Church in Jerusalem. In the album, Shye plays and samples vocals, guitars and percussive elements into two loops. While deconstructing and assembling traditional musical elements, Shye creates an experimental and exciting experience. The project’s poetic and meditative performances were recorded and filmed live into an art film directed by director Ben Kirschenbaum.

Now, with the project out into the world, we are happy to celebrate the release of the album with an immersive show to uplift the spirit. Shye will be joined by the virtuoso drummer Ben Ilon, when together they create a poetic sound journey that ranges from ceremony to revelry.

The musical path of Shye Ben Tzur takes place for years on the line between India and Israel, between the spiritual and cultural world of Sufi music and influences from the Hebrew and Western worlds.
His songs became anthems and touched the hearts of many thousands, among them ‘Sobb’, ‘Die in love’, ‘Here I am’. Over the years, Shye and his band have performed in front of tens of thousands of people in major stadiums (Madison Square Garden, New York, Old Trafalgar, England) and on the main stages at dozens of festivals such as WOMAD, Primavera Sound, Best Kept Secret and more.

Shye’s latest album, JUNUN – a collaboration with Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead) and Nigel Goodrich (producer of Radiohead, Yu 2, Paul McCartney and more) – was recorded at the Jodhpur Fort in Rajasthan and received great acclaim worldwide (Album of the Year by The Sunday Times – World Music). The recording process was documented on film by Hollywood director Paul Thomas Anderson.
To watch the movie trailer click here

Special guest – Liat Saba (Cello)

Doors open 9 p.m, show starts 10 p.m
Presale tickets NIS 90 or at the entrance NIS 100

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