Kobi Arad

Saturday October 20 21:00

'Levitical Jazz'

Levitical Jazz’ is a creative exploration through NU-Jazz and Avant-Garde of the sacred musical tradition, spiritual sparks and melodic shining of the Levites in the Holy Temple.

It utilizes both original compositions by Kobi Arad (Grammy Awards-Claes Nobel Team Official Producer, Stevie Wonder Collaborator) along with special authentic Ashkenazy and Sepharadic Kabbalistic Niggunim which are found to have special elevated character.
Joining Arad are two of Israel’s elite instrumentalists: Drummer Noam David (known from Avishai Cohen’s trio, and his own original bsnd); and Double-Bassist Guy Levy (One of Israel’s busiest bassists).
Together the embark on a breathtaking journey, full of exotic voicings, excitement and taste of Ancient Levitical tradition translated into Jazz and modern music.
This show also is featuring two exceptional special guest-vocalists:
Daphna Levi & Orit Hillel.
Discounted tickets here for 65 NIS and 80 NIS at the doors
Doors open at 21:00 show start 22:00
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