Wednesday March 23 21:00


Geshem is a supergroup made of three of the busiest musicians in the Israeli scene:
Aviv “Sol Monk” Cohen ( right ) is a virtuoso drummer and a spacey beat maker,
Shuz ( center ) is a cross-genre shapeshifting producer,
and Yonatan Albalak ( left ) is one of the busiest guitar and bass players in Israel.

In 2015, after years of working on various projects as individuals and collaborating with A-list musicians ( Avishai Cohen, Marina Maximilian, Ester Rada, etc. ) the three have merged their distinctive artistic personas to carry out a fresh musical vision. Geshem’s unique musical style crosses the axis between post rock, IDM
and Hip-hop, by which they maneuver moods and colors in their hypnotic concerts.
In 2018 they released their critically acclaimed debut album Sungazing on Ghostown Records.
Alongside their original materials, Geshem often take the role of re-interpreters – In 2016 in the Tel Aviv Opera house, they collaborated with the Revolution Orchestra, where they presented groundbreaking electro-orchestral interperations to jazz standards; in 2017 they re-arranged Portishead ‘s live orchestral album, accompanied by the Israeli Chamber Orchestra and preformed their own spacey version of Gershwin’s “Porgy and Bess” at the Red Sea Jazz Festival; and in 2019 they return to the opera house – this time featuring ethio-soul diva Ester Rada

Discounted tickets here for 60 NIS and 70 NIS at the doors
Doors open 21:00 show start 22:00


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