Haken Tribute

Thursday December 9 20:00

Tribute show to Haken

The biggest prog-metal event of the year is on its way and you do not wanna miss it!
This year, on December 9th, an awesome tribute to one of the biggest prog bands in existence, Haken, will take place.
This event is the first of its kind here in Israel.
A moment of which a collection of unique and professional performers have been preparing for.
A super ambitious attempt to play the near impossible-to-play songs of this band, mixing together songs from their entire discography.
So start looping Haken’s music on your Spotify and Apple music because some of these songs have never been played live before.
Get ready to be blown away by this huge and unique production, including lots of their best hits and some unexpected content 😉

Special discounted tickets at 60 NIS till 1/10, then 70 NIS and 80 NIS at the doors
Doors open at 20:00 Show start at 21:00