Shlomo Fenderika Mizrahi

Tuesday July 25 21.00


Rock lovers get ready!
The area is happy and proud to host the electrified trio of the walking guitar hero Shlomo Mizrahi.

A little background for secularism:
The sheet is short of containing the musical exploits of Shlomo Pendrika Mizrahi in Israel and around the world during 50 years of creation and performances on every possible stage on the globe.
It all started in Jerusalem in 1968 when Shlomo was one of the first in Israel to own a Fender Stratocaster guitar when the hot hit radio was the songs of the military bands. Few people knew about the rock revolution taking place in the USA and England at the same time as The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix flourished. In real time, Shlomo developed as a multidisciplinary player and musician alongside those legends, some of whom he also met later on. It was not for nothing that he was nicknamed the Israeli Jimi Hendrix , or as Berry Sakharof put it in his poem ‘Kama Yossi’ – “Shlomo has a white guitar…”
Fast forward to 2022, Shlomo is behind 5 solo albums, signed the music for dozens of movies and television in Israel and around the world, music producer for countless shows, albums, songs and artists, founded the band ‘The Electric Stage’, played with Memphis Slim and continues to burn stages like there is no tomorrow. ..

But there will be a special show on Tuesday 7/25/23, where you can hear everything from classic blues to futuristic psychedelic eastern rock, with a program that dominates the entire repertoire and songs from all eras performed meticulously and disturbed at the same time.

With Shlomo on stage:
Amos Spinger – bass
Yehiel Brewer – drums

The guests will join the trio:
Shimon Katz – guitar and vocals Tanir Shaked – Khalil

Doors open 21:00, show starts 22:00
Presale tickets NIS 70 or NIS 80 at the box office

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