Young Bros, DJ Geun Young

Thursday March 16 22:00

K-Pop Fantasy Night in TLV 2023

Young Bros was established in 2014, dedicated to K-Pop entertainments and building communities. Since the beginning of our establishment, we’ve been a pioneer organizing hundreds of K-Pop events. Collaborated with various K-Pop Idols and K-hiphop musicians like Jessi, B.A.P, Ravi, VAV, Victon, Drug Restaurant, Kisum, Grace, Flowsik, G2, Reddy, SwayD and more.
DJ GeunYoung will be mixing the finest K-Pop & K-Hiphop & K-Edm music. Now we are gathering all the K-Pop fans in Israel and bringing you the greatest K-Pop party in Tel Aviv!

Doors open at 10 p.m
Pre-sale tickets NIS 80\ NIS 95\ NIS 110\  5th final sale NIS130.
Entry from age 18 +