Wednesday September 6 20:30

360 Live Show

“Old Music from Young Eyes”
The members of the trio, in their early 30s, have been greatly influenced by Western and urban culture throughout their musical development in Tel Aviv. Over the years, they became captivated by the mesmerizing sounds of Eastern music and delved deep into the theory of maqam and Eastern music. The creation of ‘Nhafa’ encapsulates the essence of Israeli fusion in the 2000s. It is a story of Israeli innovation contrasted with ancient traditions from different lands. The trio’s choice to incorporate drums and double bass from the world of jazz reflects the fusion of old and new in an emotionally charged musical composition.

Band members: Eyal Litvin (Kanun), Evyatar Morad (Oud), Elad
Cohen (Clarinet), Noam David (Drums), Bar Geva (Double Bass)

Doors open: 20:30 Show starts: 21:30
Advance ticket: 70 NIS or 80 NIS at the door.

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