Sharon Gesthalter

Wednesday June 22 21.00

"SHUFFLE" Album launch concert

Sharon Gesthalter is releasing her third album, “Shuffle”

This new album brings with it an updated sound and a personal atmosphere that is unique to Sharon
Gesthalter as a singer-songwriter. The show will include the songs on the new album, as well as
additional tracks from her previous albums, in new acoustic/electronic arrangements. On stage will
be musicians who contributed to the new album – Yair Rubin (guitars), Nitzan Eisenberg (bass
guitar), Assaf Reiss (drums), Noam Haimovitz-Weinschel (viola), Sivan Rubin (keyboards, vocals) and

Sharon Gesthalter (vocals, keyboard).

Sharon Gesthalter is a singer-songwriter that grew up in the United Stated. Her musical world was
defined and inspired by the music that was playing on the radio during her childhood during the
1970s in the US. Her writing is very personal, intimate, and reflects a profound observation of the
moments that make up her life. “Shuffle” was created during the long periods of solitude of the past
two years, and expresses the inner desire to go outside, explore, create and live life fully – “shuffle”

the cards again.

In 2013, her debut album, “Promised Land” was released, followed by her second album, “Only For
Today”, which was produced by Yair Rubin, who is also the producer of the new album.

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