Wednesday June 20 21:00

Next-level music and dance improvisation

Playground is a group of ten artists, creating a singular & fascinating improvised music and dance act
In every performance Playground takes a journey into the unknown, built on the chemistry and communication between ten participants, who weave a unique and singular world of sound and movement.
Together they weave a unique and singular world of sound and Movement drawn from jazz, avant-garde, rock, theatrical and electronic music, along with the influences of modern dance, contact-improvisation and free style.

The Amazing Musicians: Yonatan Albalak , Ron Almog, Arthur Krasnobaev, Itamar Gross, Gershon Waiserfirer, Yaron Ouzana & Jenny Penkin!
& The Wonderful Dancers: Inbal Shahar, Gavrial Spitzer, Avi Mazliah, Korina Fraiman & Ofir Yanai

Lights: Liran Itzhak (AKA “Kushkushon”)
Costumes: Shaked Shroit (AKA “Shaka”)

Doors open: 21:00 show start 22:30
Discounted tickets here -50 NIS or at the door 60 NIS

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