Pinhas & Sons

Friday January 18 13:30

Pinhas & Sons - a festival of harmony and groove taken to the limit.

Pinhas&Sons is a wild super-group of 8 players and one singer, led by Ofer Pinhas. Their music is a fusion of ideas and inspirations across different genres. Brazilian melodies, Balkan rhythms, African groove, Arab maqams, jazz and classical music – all assembled into a unique yet very Israeli sound.

The band is known for their energetic, sophisticated and humoristic songs, thus making it one of the most intriguing and original bands currently active in Israel.

Celebrating the release of their second album “it’s an album”, the show at The Zone will be performed in a very extreme and exciting format named “concert in 720 degrees”..

Ofer Pinhas – singing & piano
Noa Kerdod – singing
Barak Sober – flute
Moshiko Jioan – violin
Daniel Tanhalson – viola
Barak Seror – electric guitar, classic guitar, buzuki and more
Sharon Patrover – drums
Lior Ozeri – Bass
Matan Arbel – percussion instruments

Presale tickets here for 70 NIS at 80 NIS at the doors
Doors open at 13:30, show starts at 14:30

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