Our turnip truck

Saturday September 3 20:45


Our Turnip Truck is a progressive rock band that refuses to be contained by the laws of popular music, making punchy, novel and surprising music, ready to bang heads after 10 years of  preparations.
Prepare yourselves for a night of shifting meters, journeys through our collective fears, our diminishing power over the circus which is our modern life.

Together with Yevgeniya Vorobiyov, blessed artist and acrobat, who will accompany the show with her acrobatic numbers both before and during the show.

We come to set a mood that you hadn’t felt for a while now, something fresh appears through the daily routine…

on stage:
Yossi Bartov – Drums
Vitali Levin – Guitar
Or Polaczek – Bass
Yacov Buchritz – Vocals

Doors open at 8:45PM, show at 9:45
Tickets 40 shekels in presale or 50 at the door

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