Saturday November 18 20:30


Moshik Kliffer and his band celebrating the release of his second album “Habaita Bazman”.
“Habaita Bazman” is a collection of personal and exposed songs. I wrote about my childhood, about joy and sadness, I freed myself from barriers and tried to bring myself as clean and natural as possible. The work on the album began with writing sessions along with Yali Sobol. Every few weeks we would meet, take a text, focus it and polish it until it reflected exactly the experience I wanted to convey. Once the writing process was done, I turned to Shaul Besser, a childhood friend and musician with whom I have been collaborating for over 20 years. Shaul musically arranged and produced the album with wonderful sensitivity and delicacy. “I am very proud of the path we took to create this album and also of the result”. The sound on the album is influenced, among others, by artists such as Ehud Banai, Bob Dylan and guitarist Mark Knopfler.
The show will include also songs from Moshik Kliffer’s first album “Holech Neged Azmi” which was released in 2012 and produced by the legendary Moshe Levy. In addition, more surprises are expected for this special evening. You are invited to come and celebrate this exciting musical event.

Moshik Kliffer – Guitar and vocals
Shaul Besser – Keyboards
Nir Shlomo – Guitar
Adi Har Zvi – Bass
Itai Nitzan – Drums

*A sit-down show
Doors open 20:30, show starts 21:30
Presale tickets 60 NIS or 70 NIS on the evening of the show

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