Idan K & The Movement

Tuesday July 26 21:00

The movement of rhythm

In a musical landscape bursting with low-grade substitutes, ‘Idan K and The Movement Of Rhythm’ shines brighter then ever.
In an industry flooded with clichés, trying to pinhole Idan’s music by describing it with words too often used, like ‘groove’, ‘melting pot’, ‘afro’, ‘funk’, ‘dub’, or ‘dance’, will not only do it an injustice and undermine its urgent creative value – it might also deprive many new ears deserving of new titillation. Theses ears will recognize unique, and groundbreaking sounds when they hear them.

Discounted in presale 60 shekels here or 80 shekels at the door
Doors open @ 21:00, show starts @ 22:00

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