Saturday February 5 20:00

Hell Froze Over

The Metal choir contucted by Noa Gruman, is arriving to “The Zone” club, with the big full ensemble of 45 singers, for a full-length Rock and Metal show performed with human voices only!

Since their last full show in the summer, the choir added some new singers, released two critically acclaimed music videos, and performed a variety of shows in different venues. They recorded albums for big international acts such as Therion and Star One, and joined Orphaned Land, Scardust and Haken tribute live on stage. It’s now time for a show of the entire choir, with a full-length set, and even a new song that will be performed live for the first time. Hellscore doesn’t rest!

There will be a merch stand with T-shirts, accessories and other items originally designed and produced by the choir members.

Discounted tickets here for 60 NIS and 70 NIS at the doors
Doors open at 20:00 Show start at 21:00

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