Thursday March 30 20:30

Album launch - Prediluvian

The new album official release date: March 13. Includes 12 new, electric, acoustic and diverse compositions. Yossi Sassi says: ” In the new album Prediluvian I drifted back to my electric guitar, and is full of guitar riffs, alongside our unique blend of oriental progressive rock. The name and concept of the album refer to the time period described between the fall of man and the flood. History just repeats itself, and while writing and brainstorming, I felt that this would be a suitable framework to collect different emotions and capture some of the essence of this current time in humanity. In 2022, I created the successful album and concept “Flood” together with my brother in “Orphan Land”, and it felt natural to go back – before the flood. We continue to create and play with time and as usual, the clocks continue to melt.

The new album was created, produced and recorded by Yossi the Orchestra and Liron Shafer on the Greek island of Santorini, at the international and famous Black Rock studios. Yossi says: One of the most amazing things about creating our music and albums (for the third time in a row on the beautiful island of Santorini), is the privilege of deepening our friendship. Whether it’s waking up in the morning and naturally slipping into a sunrise jam by the sea or in the living room or after a late night dinner, sharing ideas into the small hours. It’s our connection that makes us make better music.

On stage:
Yossi Sassi – Buzukitra, singing
Or Lubianiker – bass
Shai Yifarah – drums
Ben Ezer – guitars
Roy Friedman – percussion
Daniel Sassi – side flute, nai
Sharel HaCohen – canon
Emil Gosainov – Viola
Sapir J. Fox – vocals
///Opening show – Steroid Puppets///

Doors open at 20:30, show starts at 21:00
Tickets on sale in advance here for 80 NIS or 100 NIS at the entrance on the day of the show.

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