Yogev Levi

Thursday January 31 20:30


From the age of 4 Yogev Levy found his two loves in a small moshav far from civilization, and as a child he spent most of his time alone in nature and playing. In the course of time he developed into a variety of different styles of music and instruments. Today Yogev is known in the eastern music world as a flute player, plays in world music festivals, Andalusian music and with the best artists including Ariel Zilber, Yonatan Razel, Berry Sakharof, Amir Benayoun, The Andalusian Israeli Ashdod and more.

At the same time Yogev writes music and songs, his first album “Angan Nigun” released in 2014. His second album “Alumot” is due to appear in early 2019, both albums in folk style, progressive with a touch of world music, each song is a moment in his life and his travels in Israel and abroad “Inner feelings, conversations with nature, spirit, and even some of his poems were written while living in the city of Odessa, Ukraine, while disengaging for medical studies. The band he plays with is made up of his good friends, some of whom have grown up and some are accompanying him from his first album.

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Doors open at 20:30 show start 21:30