Yogev Haruvi Trio

Friday June 22 14:00

Tribal Trance Celebration

Yogev Haruvi Trio is a new israeli a Groovi DRUM and DIDG band, who takes the tribal format of drums, percussion and didgeridoo in to a pumping urban explosion, taking inspiration from percussive music from all over the world .
The band creates an irresistible ecstatic dance felling that set free the mind and soul from all mental blocks and erases the barrier of genre and borders .
The band  was formed in 2018 by Yogev haruvi known by his “one man band“ solo project and now develop it in to a band version .
The band has already take on various number of festivals and clubs across israel while working on their first album “The bucket is full”

Discounted tickets here for 50 NIS and 60 NIS at the doors
Discounted tickets for kids between 3 and 14 here for 25 NIS and 30 NIS at the doors
Doors open at 14:00 show start 15:00