Yinon Muallem and Saman Alias

Friday September 16 14:00


A special meeting was created in Stockholm between the musician Yinon Muallem and the clarinet artist of Jewish-Kurdish origin Saman Alias. Between the two a strong musical root connection was created and now they are coming to Israel for the premiere shows in Israel of the new project “Together”.
The two will play original works, pieces of music by Ara Dinkjian and Anwar Ibrahim and songs from Turkey and Israel.

On stage:
Yinon Muallem- Ud, singing and percussion
Saman Alias- Clarinet
Nur Bar Goren- Percussion
Nadav Berkowitz- Keyboards

Doors open 14:00, show 15:00
Advance purchase ticket 60 NIS, at the entrance 80 NIS

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