Friday May 12 14:00


Vocal Global is a musical Journey around the world from the Caribbean to the Middle East consisting of vocals, ethnic beat boxing with conscious lyrics in Hebrew, English and Creole. Accompanied by piano, guitar and violin.

Their music is a melting pot of genres, combining influences from both of their origins, travels and collaborations to create a unique mélange of Afro-Latin, Mediterranean and jazz sounds.

doors open: 14:00
show starts: 15:00

Discounted tickets here -60 NIS
or at the door- 70 NIS

the musicians:

DavidX (France/Martiniqe) – The global jukebox of beatbox, DavidX has mastered the oral imitation of ethnic percussion and rhythm. From the talking drum to the darbuka and from brass to bass, he has developed a meticulous understanding of each. In addition, David plays guitar and violin and builds his own original electro-acoustic prototype instruments.

Noga Ritter (Israel) – A versatile singer-song writer and pianist, Noga sings in many languages and writes in Hebrew and English. Her lyrics and songs, ranging from personal stories to political messages, are sincere and forceful.

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