Udi Shlomo Quintet

Friday July 27 14:00

Udi Shlomo (Norway/ Israel) is bringing his music to The Zone

Udi Shlomo is an Israeli musician who lives and active in Norway for the last 8 years. On July 27th he’s bringing his music, for the first time, to The Zone.

“…Shlomo’s percussion is in fact one of the most compelling aspects…he is all over his kit, splashing and clicking and ticking and thumping and rattling, sometimes with clear timing and patterns, sometimes just adding percussive color, and other times just flailing about even though he always remains purposeful and very, very clean. There are moments where his ability to produce what we hear with only his two hands and feet is shrouded in mystery…”
Brian S. Lunde – 
“Some music I enjoy in an intellectual way, and some music in a physical way, but in this concert I had it both…this music must go out there!”
Johan Hauknes –
Udi Shlomo – Drums, compositions and arrangements
Yehonatan Cohen – Saxophones
Anthony Sisson – Trumpet
Eden Giat – Piano
Omri Hadani – Double bass.

Discounted tickets here for 50NIS and 60NIS at the doors
Doors open at 14:00 show start at 15:00