International Rock Showcase

Friday November 16 12:30

International Rock Showcase

Showcase Festival Rock & Indie & Electronic  @ The Zone | Tel Aviv

Tigris is an Afrodelic Power Pop band composed of five unrestrained musicians. Charged with hunger and curiosity the band devours sounds from hidden corners of the world and fuses them into an original futuristic ear candy.

Itamar Katzir – talmbat, mbalax, bota
Oded Aloni – cajon, ganza, crash\gong, bongo, quarkabeb
Amir Sadot – Gibson Bass
Ilan Smilan – Guitar
Roy Harmon – Orla, Yamaha CS01

Liron Amram & The Panthers
Liron Amram, exceptional performer, writer and composer gained a loyal audience and was defined by the media as an original creator who is making history by mixing old school Yemenite tunes with contemporary music, molding memories from his childhood with electronic vibes and a funky-groove interpretation.

Liron Amram – Lead singer, Guitar
Zohar Barzilai – Drums
Noam Havkin – Keys
Ran Kaufman – Bass guitar
Uriah Witztum – Guitar

Bint El Funk
Bint El Funk is a pioneering groove band who has founded the Yemenite Funk.

Each performance quickly becomes a native tribal party with sounds, rhythms, colors, and scents, which unite on a thread connecting Sana’a in Yemen, Harlem in the US, and the Shaariya neighborhood in Petach Tikva, Israel.

Shiran Karny- Singer
Regev Baruch- Drums
Oded Ben Izhak- Saxophone
Tal Avraham- Trumpet
Sharon Mansur- Keys
David Hai Michaeli- Bass
Yotam Cohen- Guitar


Doors open at 12:30
Tickets here 25 NIS