Friday November 9 13:00


Nuphar Fey Trio
The music by Israeli pianist-composer Nuphar Fey is a multi-layered experience, telling stories without words.
Free spirited, abundant and daring in both her performance and writing, Fey creates her own musical land to experiment in, connecting influences from cinematic, jazz, contemporary, impressionistic, post-romantic and alternative classical music.
Supported by two remarkable musicians, Fey’s expressionism is deliciously complimented and the three complete each other to create a unique sound print.

The live trio experience reflects communicative lyricism, charged rhythmic complexity, stormy emotions and dreamy spiritual depths. Yogev Gabay on drums – a wide ranged musician coming from metal to jazz, is characterized by intense dynamite energy and vibrant dynamic range; Daniel Ashkenazy on double bass is a rising star in the Israeli jazz scene, characterized by thoughtful melodic personality and a captivating rhythmic approach. The trio presents an impressively tight unit, expanding the borders of composed pieces with masterful improvisation.

The debut album for the trio – due for release in winter 2018 – presents a rich, unlimited line of creative thought through orchestral, beating, inventive expression with sections of multi-layered pianos, cellos, voice and various percussion intertwined with the trio.

The Hagiga Sextet
The Alon Farber “Hagiga” Sextet was founded in 2001. The group released 3 CD’s, two of them in the Spanish label Fresh Sound Records. Hagiga participated in many festivals- among them Red Sea (2007, 2017), Paris (2010), Copenhagen (2017), Jerusalem (2016) and more. The music of Hagiga is original and crosses genres- from swing to Moroccan music to Indian music and more.

Alon Farber- Soprano and Alto Saxes
Yehonatan Cohen- Tenor sax and flute
Oded Meir- Trombone
Eden Giat- Piano
Assaf Hakimi- bass
Roy Oliel- Drums

Noa Drezner – Flamenca Project
An original creation composed and produced by flamenco guitarist Noa Drezner.

Flamenca Project presents Drezner´s unique and contemporary interpretation of traditional flamenco structures; It invites the audience to engage in a musical experience which is both closely linked to the ancient roots of this genre while creatively shaping the sound of its future.

Noa Drezner- Flamenco- guitar
Yehuda Shuky Shweiky- vocals. Palmas
Hagay Leshem- Percussion
Yishay Ben Yaacov- Flute

Electro-Arab singer and musician MAGI (Magi Hikri), makes “World Music” in the sense that you can imagine her genre-defying electronically infused cocktail of Middle-Eastern grooves, blasting from cars in Saudi Arabia and clubs in San Francisco, killing it in Coachella as well as the Shiraz Arts Festival in Iran.

MAGI musical posse includes: Roy Avital – Guitars. Adi Benzur – Bass. Hagai Shlezinger – Drums. Gal Dahan – Sax. Yael Selinger – Keyboards & Compute

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Doors open 13:00