The Magic Muffin

Thursday January 13 40/50


The Magic Muffin is a rock band traveling back in time.
With songs written and composed by the band, compiled into a debut album, musical stories were formed in rock and all its colors reminiscent of the early ’60s and ’70s in America.
Music that is driven by a dominant lead guitar and strong vocal lines as well as a raw live performance. The songs, much like the show itself, feels detached from time or space as if it was an old forgotten record from the golden age. This project, created by Tomer Zak (Bass and Vocals), Guy Falk (Guitar), and Yonatan Schlezinger (Drums) took the shape of an album in a short period of time with an emphasis on the old school way: live recordings in a studio with real instruments and real emotion. Before the pandemic, the band was very active with shows all around the country. Now, after a long period of waiting, the band is ready to release its first album to the world while
working on the next one.

Discounted tickets here for 40 NIS and 60 NIS at the dpoors
Doors open at 21:00 Show start at 22:00


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