Saturday November 5 21:00

a David Bowie tribute

A David Bowie Tribute, combining the major hits with the stories behind them. Bowie was/still is one of the most enigmatic, conflictual, intriguing and yet stable, inspirational and healthy artists ever existed.

When working on the show- we took a deep dive into his world, throughout the years, each one finding his link to the person, performer and multi talent Bowie was.

Musically, as Bowie would, we took the liberty to express ourselves by not adhering  to the original arrangements, but maximizing the music with our own flavor, though without running too far from the source.

This is not a cover show, it is making love with his Ego…
If you share the love to the man- you want to be there.
May God’s love be with you 🙂

Roi Isak- lead vocals
Guy Wittenberg- sax, violin, vocals
Gil Idan- Drums
Dedi Kovatch- keyboards, vocals
Ofer Pal- Bass
Itsik Galanti- Guitars

Doors open at 9, show at 10
Discounted tickets in presale here for 50 shekels or 60 at the door

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