Wednesday July 19 20:00


*You may have a chance to be interviewed as part of a documentary film on Israeli folk music*

In this very special show, as part of a documentary film, a group of musicians from Northern California, will play old songs, Israeli songs, Jewish songs. The experiment? Will young people in Tel Aviv connect with this music or find it outdated and not interesting

Basically Americans playing old Israeli music, with a modern twist.

SHAMATi is a versatile Jewish folk band from the U.S., formed in 2013, who plays bluegrass, hora, oldies, latin and everything in between.

Their music is designed for one thing—to move you, either literally or spiritually.
This will be their first performance in Israel.

If you like to have a good time, dance like crazy, and enjoy music that you probably don’t get to hear very often, this will be a show you’ll enjoy.

This show will be filmed as part of an upcoming documentary tentatively titled, “I Hear You” (2024), which follows the lives of elderly Israeli musicians Nurit Hirsh and Effi Netzer, as this band from the U.S. meets them to learn about their songs.

You might get to have a short appearance in the film if you attend! There will be a few short “TikTok” style interviews as part of the show, to quiz attendees on their knowledge of Israeli folk music.

Doors open at 8 p.m, show starts at 9 p.m.
Discounted tickets here 30 NIS or at the entrance 50 NIS

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