Rimojeki are torn to the flag! Coming for one show in Israel.

Wednesday July 3 21:00


Rimoch and Jeki are a couple both in life and in music. To our delight, they are coming for a short visit to Israel to bring us a bit of the festival and tour dust from their travels in Europe.

Rimoch and Jeki have experienced everything in the Israeli psychedelic rock scene. They played in inspiring bands like “The Pickles”, “The Giant Lizards from Planet Nibiru”, and “Botimzug!” and at a peak moment, they had the honor of opening for Alice Cooper in 2016.

Immediately after achieving their dream with Alice, Rimoch and Jeki started planning their move to Germany and from there to all of Europe. In the last six years, they have participated in major festivals like Ozora in Hungary, Fusion in Germany, and dozens of other festivals across Europe. Additionally, nearly every European city with a vibrant and original scene of independent music, has had the honor of hosting this alien duo from Israel.

Now, after countless performances in Europe, they are coming to Tel Aviv for one show only at “The Zone”! A display of glam space rock as only they can do.

Jeki – vocals, keytar-synth, and theremin.
She comes from the world of theater and performance art, with a style of clothing, makeup, and poses from Planet Nibiru. Jeki took part in various bands until she met Rimoch, and the rest is history.

Rimoch – electric guitar and vocals.
In his past, he was one of the pillars of the Israeli psychedelic rock scene.
Over the years, he produced numerous festivals and is rightly considered by many as the godfather of the Israeli indie rock scene. He is a composer, poet, and virtuoso guitarist.

About the music:

Rimoch and Jeki chose a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and live most of the time on the road, going from performance to performance, a way of life they adopted inspired by the Grateful Dead.
Their music has no boundaries and is open to many diverse directions.

Rimoch and Jeki emerge from the ’90s with a background in classic, alternative, heavy, pop, and always psychedelic rock music. They were also right there when drum and bass, Goa trance, techno, and various experimental projects exploded.

In collaboration with their “ghost producer” (Rimoch’s brother, Israel AKA dj laughing skull), they created a winning combination of various genres along with chants that are a mantra on philosophies, science, history, mythologies, and a cyborg future between freedom and darkness! All with wonderful humor, virtuoso playing, and inspiring video art, most of which comes from original footage.

Expect fast and precise solos, colorful and polished performance, and crazy video art.

Doors open at 9 p.m, show starts 10 p.m
Tickets presale 60 shekels or 80 shekels at the entrance.

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