PamPah Orchestra

Friday February 25 14:00

PamPah Orchestra celebrating first birthday

PamPah Orchestra! Kicked off during the global pandemic, its members eager to go out and meet passionate people and celebrate this unique life we get to live. Supported and accompanied by the sibling- French orchestra KTIPIETOK ORKESTAR, a group of musicians from various backgrounds and age groups meet every week to play, sing and dance groovy and unique music, ranging from the Balkans to the middle east. Original compositions and arrangements are written for the Orchestra by its members; the gatherings are full of joy, love and laughter; and the friendships forming allow each member to grow wherever they strive.

The Orchestra is celebrating one year of activity with a festive concert in The Zone, after previous performances in The Jerusalem Arts festival, La Strada festival, Metsoke Dragot, and various outdoor events across Tel Aviv, which have captured the hearts of audiences who didn’t stop dancing, smiling and passing on the joy.


Ori Ehrman, Julie Rosenberg- Clarinets

Gali Yozov, Gal Maor, Aviv Or Meshulam – Saxophones

Roy Tsouk, Ronen Sasson, Ronen Payevsky- Trumpets

Tony Haviv- Flut

Roni Klimovski- Trombone

Adam Yodfat- Sousaphone

Amir Pinhasi- Drum set

David Buchbut- Riq

Erez Tsalik- Darbuka

Discounted tickets here for 50 NIS and 60 NIS at the doors
Discounted tickets for kids(3 to 14) here for 25 NIS and 30 NIS at the doors