Our Turnip Truck

Thursday October 12 21:15

The Musical: Part 2

Following the resounding echo of their debut performance, we’re thrilled to announce Our Turnip Truck’s grand return to the stage one year later! Join us for an evening where the stage becomes a canvas for creativity, blurring the lines between reality and imagination, and inviting you to be an integral part of the journey.

Much like last year, once again the stage will be shared with Yevgeniya Vorobiyov, who will grace it with her awe-inspiring acrobatic displays.

Yossi Bartov – The one with the sticks.
Vitali Levin – The one with the strings.
Harel Rozenbaum – The one with the thicker strings.
Yacov Buchritz – The one with the voice strings.
Yevgeniya Vorobiyov – Fire and brimstone.

Doors open 21:15, show starts 22:00
Presale tickets 60 NIS or 70 NIS at the entrance.

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