Saturday August 19 20:00

Family Reunion

From all across the globe, from New-York to Ness-Ziona, the larger OSOG Family comes together for it’s annual reunion show to play songs from all their albums, including new ones yet to be released!

OSOG, an Americana-Punk band originating from Tel-Aviv and NYC, is recognized for their eclectic sound, fusing traditional American folk with genres like Rock, Punk, and elements of World music. After gaining popularity from Israel to Europe, they independently released two albums, “Cowboys from Ukuhelle” (2014) and “OSOG” (2016). Their third album, “Radio Catolica” (2018), which explored Old-Time Americana and Blues, marked their breakthrough in the U.S. Invited to the Folk Alliance International festival, their U.S. tour featured high-profile performances at SXSW, Memphis Levitt Shell, and the Philadelphia Folk Festival during 2018-2019. Their fourth album, “Americana Punk” (2020), recorded between Jaffa and Los Angeles, solidified their growing American fanbase.

After more than one year of absence from the stages, while cooking new materials on low-flame, it’s time for the annual family reunion. All 9 active members will take the stage in Tel-Aviv’s “Zone” club to present their new work alongside all favorite songs from their past four albums. Get ready for one giant celebration of strings, improvisation and lots and lots of folk.

Door open at 8pm, show at 9pm
Tickets: 100 shekels

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