Orpheus Blade&Venus in fear

Saturday May 13 20:30


In a parallel universe, where imagination and emotion role, the man and the beast are confronted endlessly. In a parallel universe, fire is burning strong and instincts overcome reason. In that universe everything if allowed, madness is a friend, and fantasy is reality.

Soon the screen will go down and with it all consents.

Orpheus Blade are proud to present: a theatrical and festive show for the 2 year anniversary of the album ‘Wolf’s Cry’.

We’ll be playing the full album, and additional new exciting material and many surprises, and with the help of our guests (Yochai DavidoffLev Kerzhner and more).

The great band ‘Venus in Fears’, coming all the way from the north to celebrate with us, will open this great night, playing full set of her upcoming album.

Orpheus Blade’s wolfs broke into consciousness 2 years ago when their first album ‘Wolf’s cry’ was released and made impression all around the world. The album (then a studio project), who was recorded with famous metal artists from Israel and Europe, received great feedback, especially for combining many genres in it, such as progressive metal, heavy metal and film’s music. Some consider it to be a ‘Metal Opera’ thanks to its theatrical atmosphere.

Over time, Orpheus Blade has grown to be an active, distinctive assemble. Creativity, innovativeness, communication with the audience and a strong, dramatic say – all this make Orpheus Blade a phenomenon that cannot be over looked in the Israeli view.

Doors open at 20.30, show at 21.30
Get your discounted tickets here for 40 or 50 at the door

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