Maqamat Orchestra

Sunday February 17 20:30

Maqamat Orchestra launch concert

Maqamat orchestra” is a colorful group of musicians, living and creating in the Galilee. A mixture of traditional and modern instruments with musical diversity from different cultures combined to create a unique and variegated sound. Young Israeli spirit bring back to life falk and classical pieces. Join us to an emotional, powerful, energetic and groovy musical Journey that will take you far far away and back to the sounds of childhood.

Coming to you from “Maqamat academy of Eastern Music” in Tzfat.

Musical director: Elad Levy, a student of the great Jewish Andalus violinist: Yeshua Azulai R.i.p. A leading instrumentalist in the Israeli Andalusian orchestra, A music producer and teacher and one of the main “engines” behind the new fresh wave of Andaluse music in the country

Discounted tickets here for 70 NIS and 80 NIS at the doors
Doors open at 20:30 show start 21:30