Tuesday November 22 21:00


The Malstrom devours everything in its reach, be it light, sound or matter. It sucks everything into its vortex, drawing it deeper and deeper into the very center of the Malstrom. But what do you find at the core, at the very bottom of the swirl? The eye of the storm? A void, sheer nothingness? Is it a place of calmness that contrasts the furious edges? Does the Malstrom ever end? And most importantly: Are you ready to find out?

Malstrom are:
Florian Walter- saxophone
Axel Zajac – guitar
Jo Beyer – drums

Doors open at 9PM, show at 10PM
Tickets in presale online for 60 shekels or 80 at the door

Supported by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

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