Made on Earth

Wednesday October 19 20:30

Welcome to Earth

A refreshing combination of punk rock with modern pop and influences from the hip hop world.
If you like Arctic Monkeys and Steely Dan, then you’ll probably enjoy this.

On stage:
Ilai Lulai- Vocals
Omer Forshtat- Guitar
Roee Levi- Drums
Or Mahasilker- Bass

Doors open at 8:30PM, show at 9:30PM
Tickets for presale here 50 NIS, or 60 NIS at the door.


A note from the band:
‘Welcome to Earth.
We have everything you could want here on this planet.
There is plenty of food and refreshing beverages, an abundance of love, and of course,  a fair amount of bureaucracy.
There are also all kinds of interesting people, landscapes, animals, and a variety of languages, the most common of which
is music!
What is music?
Music is the only language that everyone on earth speaks.
Music is the only thing that manages to describe a feeling completely, even without words.
Music reflects how the world looks today, and reminds us of the potential for how the world could look.
Music can provide meaning to life, helping everything that grows to do so happily.
Music is time.
Music is communication
Music was Made on Earth’.
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