Tuesday March 12 21:00

2 Shows - One night

Liquid Saloon and Shay Hazan and his band come to the “Zone” club in Tel Aviv, for a one-off evening of Afro beat, jazz, and world music.
Two of the most special and intriguing bands in the local scene, full of groove, drowning in African influences and a battery of the most amazing musicians in Israel, join for one evening of bewitching music, serious tunes and a little respite for the heart and body. Back to back

Shay Hazan’s performance is filled with an exhilarating groove and takes the listener’s body and soul on a unique and limitless meditative journey
Shay Hazan in Instagram press here

Liquid Salon is a band consisting of three members from Tel Aviv, Israel: Amir Bressler on drums, Sefi Sizzling on trumpet and Numok on keyboards.
Liquid Saloon in Instagram press here

Doors open at 9 p.m, Shows starts at 10 p.m
Tickets pre-sale 95 NIS or 100 NIS at the entrance.
Discounted tickets for soldiers / students press- here.

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