Las Piratas Piratas

Saturday February 19 21:00


Las Piratas Piratas are a brass collective creating and working from Jerusalem since 2013. The band consists of 20-odd musicians playing and singing their brass instruments, woodwinds, percussion and electric guitar. The band plays in the spirit of the New Orleans brass bands, performing early Jazz standards and Dixie combined with Balkan music and rock, added by original diverse material inspired by hip hop, funk and more. Alongside being on major stages in Israel (Barbie TLV, Red Sea Jazz Festival, JLM Jazz Festival, Yearot Menashe Festival, Mekudeshet and more) the brass collective participates regularly in community events, artistic initiatives and protests – doing all that voluntarily as part of the New Orleans tradition of artistic expression through social and community involvement.

Apart from the collaboration with producer Yossi Fine, recently a style crossing collaboration was made with prominent jazz singer Gal de Paz, with whom the band put on a joint show in the Jerusalem Jazz Festival and on the Barbie TLV stage, with further performances yet to come soon. The band also made guest appearances with the Djamchid Sisters (in the Yellow Submarine) and MALOX led by Eyal Talmudi (in the Barbie TLV). The band was also chosen this year to be included in the Mifal Hapyis pop-up project, as part of which the band will create unexpected pop-up street performances in collaboration with Jerusalem local businesses in the Spring of 2022.

The band’s second single will be launched in a first Tel Aviv show at The Zone Club on Saturday 19.2.22, showcasing all of the band’s best material including never before played new pieces including the new single Chipsy produced by Yossi Fine. The show will include a guest appearance of prominent musicians with fresh musical arrangements (TBD).

Discounted tickets here for 60 NIS and 70 NIS at the doors
Doors open at 21:00 Show start at 22:00


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