Wednesday September 25 21:00

Agradeço - I am grateful
LAOR is a unique musician, medicine woman and a vocal artist. She has been collaborating with amazing musicians in this genere in Israel and around the world.
LAOR is living in the magical Ibiza-Spain and is sharing her special act – Ceremonial Concerts, inspiring singing events and her deep vocal work – VoicEssence workshops – in Israel and around the world.
Meeting LAOR is an awakening, healing and uplifting experience which touches the depth of the soul. With her unique voice, she manages to open channels of voice, heart and body.
Agradeço- an incredibly special album which bridges between worlds, presents ancient-modern prayers and medicine songs in hebrew, english and portugese as well as her famous tunes which are sung around the world by many people. (Agradeço, Ana elech, Hymn to the soul, Bapardes…)
LAOR is currently touring Europe with her music (Greece, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Italy and Poland) and is so excited to come to her homeland Israel and share her music in this special Album Launch Concert.
Come to be together in this colourful event, which Carries the audience to new horizons. The concert is around an altar which will be built especially by the artist Roee Aminof.
So good to live so good to believe.
Ofer Eshed – production, bass and electronics.
Ori Naveh- percussions
Gerhard Fankhauser- Lauta, guitar.
Guest musicians:
Udi Ben-Knaan- Lira, electric guitar
Omer Gonen Haela – flute
Oren Tzor – Violin
Michael Ben-Shimon – Saxsophone
And other special surprises….
Doors open 21:00 Show start 22:00
Discounted tickets for 80 NIS and 100 NIA at the doors
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