In The Woods (Norway)

Saturday June 24 20:00

First time in Israel

For the first time, the Norwegian band In The Woods comes to a concert in Tel Aviv, with the release of the new album Diversum in a show that presents the band’s entire repertoire.
/// Opening show ROME /// To listen click here

The Norwegian group In The Woods created interest immediately with the release of the first demo Isle Of Men in 1993, the band formed in 1992 in Norway under the name Green Carnation split a year later into two different bands when the bassist, Terje Vik Schei (a.k.a Tchort), left to join in 1994 Emporer and appeared on the masterpiece album In The Nightside Eclipse. In fact, In The Woods was the first to combine atmospheric melodic vocals with black metal vocals, a trend that later influenced dozens of other bands.
The atmosphere and the connection to nature that In The Woods created in this album accompany her to this day. To listen click here

ROME is one of the leading bands in European Neofolk, ROME’s style sounds like a hybrid between Death In June and New Model Army and Nick Cave episodes. With no less than 18 albums behind her. ROME manages to magnetize an audience of neofolk, gothic rock, black and doom metal. The band manages to interest and unite audiences, with the unique sound and the lyrics full of history and war responsible for everything.

Doors open 8 p.m, shows start 9 p.m
First tickets in special price


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