Girls Singing

Sunday January 7 20:00

The country of the singing girls is celebrating its 18th birthday - Hilolahli!

Lahli Berger and the Lahlibandgroup invites you to a special show to raise the moral.

Girls Singing is the project that Lhali started almost 18 years ago. A project that is all about love and the soundtrack of our lives! This show will celebrate the 18th birthday of the Singing girls.
Once a month, Lahli prepares a medley of songs that she particularly likes. Songs that raised her. Songs that raised everyone who grew up in Israel in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. With the Shiron and a guitar she wanders around the country between living rooms and private gardens. At the stations (docking station for the monthly Shiron) there are fixed and changing ones and the women just come and sing. And year after year the magic just keeps getting bigger! Because there is nothing like singing! And what’s more, there’s nothing like singing together!
Once in a while you have to celebrate in a big living room that feels like home with all the women from all stations and also with men! – And there is nothing like the area club to celebrate in a big way!
Certainly in such a dark time in our tiny country.
Very difficult times in the Land of Oz, so this time I choose a playlist for us that is full of joy and hope for peace and tranquility –
We will sing “free and happy”, “a day will come” , “it will be good” and  “peace”
And most importantly we will call out the “song of peace” we will mean every word and say goodbye starting from Genesis.
And I have no doubt that it will be spread full of God!

On stage next to the fabulous three:
Gilad Shapira – keyboards
Yoav Finkelman – drums
Hadar Yaakov – electric guitar
Alon Azizi – bass and acoustic guitar
Lahli Berger – singing acoustic guitar and happy life!

You can read more about Lahli and the project on the website, click here.

Doors open 8 p.m, show starts 9 p.m
Presale tickets 90 NIS or 100 NIS on the day of the show.

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