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Hayelala (The Howl), a band from northern Israel, is a hypnotic human odyssey of poetics, groove and sound.

they play original  music, that takes it’s time and pace from the gospel prayer houses, holy trumpets , 60’s rock music, chinese calligraphy, as well as keeping close ties with the many forms of Nature – Clay, thistles, storm, fire, hills and birdsong.The band performs the original compositions of Nitai Kallay, the lead singer of the band. The songs are chants, prayers and lamentations that may help to carry the wounded to the wonder.

love, longing and separation. Failure, fury and laughter. From this collective remembering in their concerts, new blood flows in the heart chambers of the hall that we share, and the face of our beloved appears – this place and nothing else.

Hayelala have performed to a growing legion of dedicated music lovers, at major festivals throughout Europe and Israel (Fusion Festival, Rudolstadt Floating Castle, InDnegev, Yearot Menashe, Mekudeshet), as well as selling out ticketed venues in Tel Aviv and touring extensively in Germany, Slovenia and Poland.

Their debut self-titled EP, released in 2013, and The Songs From The Little Creek Of Klil Recordings, released in 2015, have been heard and sold through a number of pressings.

After  welcomming responses to Getting Older, The Crater Song and The Sparrows of Merrit Island, first singles released during 2018, Hayelala released their first full studio album – “Back In The Mystery” – in a full house concert at the “Barby” venue in Tel Aviv.

The album deals with Ecological, enviormental and Philosophical themes

The album was recorded in Tel-Aviv with Ori Winokur (Asaf Avidan) and was mixed and mastered in France by Vicent Joinville (Ibrahin Maalouf and Armand Amar) and by Pierre Luzy (Ibrahim Maalouf)

Discounted tickets here for 60 NIS and 70 NIS at the doors
Doors open at 21:00 Show start at 22:00

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