HaDorbanim tribute

Thursday June 2 20:00

HaDorbanim tribute. Special guest: Ido (Zigo) Ofek

15 talented musicians on a fresh tribute show to the wonderful band!
special guest: Ido (Zigo) Ofek

HaDorbanim are an Israeli rock and disco band that got their start in the late 90s. The band had entered Israel’s mainstream, even after almost two decades after the disco has been declared a distant memory by most people.

Since the band’s breakup a decade ago, each member has continued on to pursue their own musical path. Their fans however waited and still await for the band’s reunion and for an opportunity to hear a replica of their greatest hits once again.

Our show’s mission is to honor this incredible band’s songs; we will perform the band’s greatest hits as well as some fewer known songs, inside jokes and transitions from their albums. we are staying true to the original production and sound of the songs as they were recorded.

Ensemble members:

Itamar Drori – singing
Ori Coltov – singing
Noam Dvir – keyboards and production
Shai Lavie – keyboards
Elay Meshali – guitar
Itay Carmeli – guitar
Michael Halevi – bass
Jonathan Sabovich – drums
Adar Polachek – percussion
Assaf Goren – trumpet
Omri Wolff – saxophone
Jonatan Feld – trombone
Lior Elad – flute
Naomi Giladi – voices
Shira Vysler – voices

Discounted tickets here for 65 NIS and 75 NIS at the doors
Doors open at 20:00 Show start at 21:30

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