Grateful Dead winter party

Thursday December 22 20:30

Winter Gathering #10

Sisters and brothers – beloved community! How exciting it is – 10 years of our winter party, 10 years of the “little sister of the Gathering” to the most psychedelic and happy party there is – and we are totally going to dance and celebrate it, as only our community knows – it will be crazy.

Line up:
Three Dee Jays
Psychedelic VJ Artist
Excellent sound, and a crazy “Greatfall Music” atmosphere.
Michal Ben Itzhak
Gil Matus
Josh Polsky

***Please note that there will be no ticket sales at the venue****

Doors open at 8:30 p.m
Ticket price for an association member: 60 NIS. Regular ticket price: 90 NIS.
Association members, we will send you a link to purchase in the WhatsApp group.

The “Greatfall Music” association does not produce its gatherings for profit, but solely for the sake of the community, in the name of our great love for music and for spreading the magical spirit of the Greatfall Dead among its many values. Ticket prices reflect the costs of the event.
We invite you to read and join the association and support our cultural nature reserve, so that together with you we will continue to fulfill dreams and advance the goals of the association. For further reading and to join the association “Greatfall Music”: click here


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