Friday October 26 15:00


“Galeria” is a big group of musician, playing original music, written and composed by Gali Kellner.

“Galeria” was founded by a group of close friends who grew up together. The musical and human connection is shown in the band’s arrangements, as well as in their energetic performance.

There are 8 members of the band, four girls and four boys, among them are former members of the IDF band, and graduates of different musical programs. Moreover, the high number of singers in the band brings something new to the stage, with a rich, powerful, one of a kind vocal-instrumental harmony.

All the music is written in Hebrew, and influenced by various styles and artists, from Mati Caspi and Sasha Argov, to Coldplay and Radiohead.

 Drums – Guy Sadeh
Base – Rotem Cohen
Electric guitar, keyboard – Ido Perach
Electric guitar – Adi zadik-ya
Keyboard, acoustic guitar, vocals – Eden Goldman
Lead vocals – Gali Kellner
Vocals – Shira Kellner
Vocals – Alon Amiel

Discounted tickets here for 40 NIS anf 45 NIS at the doors
Doors open 15:00 show start 16:00