Daniel Zamir Quartet

Wednesday December 7 21:00

The quartet @ The Zone

Daniel Zamir Classic Quartet is considered to be one of the finest jazz bands worldwide today

The quartet is returning to “The Zone”, promising to hold an astounding and heart moving concert.
The four together and each one by himself, are famous around jazz fans, having played in America and Canada, Europe, South Africa, the far east and Australia.

Each component in this magnificent band is a legend on his instrument, energetically and virtuosity. When together, they are connected in an almost telepathic connection. Their incredible individual virtuosity, together with their musical telepathy, have made this band to be what it eventually has become to be – THE power quartet of this generation, and one of the best jazz bands worldwide.

Discounted tickets here for 80 NIS or 90 NIS at the door. ///SOLD OUT///
Doors open at 21:00 Show start 22:00

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